Tax advice

Each company is an individual as those who run it. Therefore, the best way to answer individual tax questions is to look at the whole picture. As part of our consulting service, we always take the time needed to find the best solution for you and your company.

The right support for every need

We support established companies as well as those shortly before and after foundation—helping with a whole range of issues from the suitable legal company form to the right value added tax rate and how to best handle M&A. We also represent our clients vis-à-vis the fiscal authority during fiscal audits and prepare all of the necessary documents. If it comes to enforcing your rights through official channels, we’ll also take your case to finance court.

As a business in its second generation of family ownership, we know from our own experience what financial and fiscal challenges companies face during such changes. We are happy to address all your questions in this respect as well and we’ll be glad to set up an unbinding initial consulting appointment.