Legacies & gifts

More than 100,000 people in Germany inherit assets each year, and the number is growing. The legacies include cash and gold, as well as tangible assets and, more and more frequently, real estate. An inheritance usually has fiscal implications. Suddenly, the heirs must pay an inheritance tax or the new assets are taxable. Especially when the inheritance was unanticipated, the survivors may face countless legal and financial issues.

Sorting things out to your benefit

The field of legacies and gifts is our specialisation. We advise you on how best to prepare a legacy or gift and support you in weighing the various options from the financial and personal vantage points. We can evaluate succession agreements and testaments from the tax perspective and act as executor of your estate, so as to ensure that everything goes the way you wish. Naturally, you can also address us as the heir; in such cases, we’ll also help you weigh the options and advise you with respect to fiscal matters.